cherry crazy

it's midnight...do you know where your two daughters are?

at the third shoprite location hunting for the elusive limited edition hershey's kisses with cherry cordial creme.

the previous two shoprite branches my sister and i went to were disposing of their clearance valentine candies just like the last one, and the said chocolates were nowhere in sight.

"they just don't exist anymore," i told my frustrated sister. i have never seen nor tried that flavor of hershey's kisses. but seeing how determined my sister was in finding that dark pink-colored chocolate, i was convinced it must taste really good. after this third attempt, we finally gave up.

"you should have tried one, it tastes like heaven! everybody at work loved it!", she gushed.

they were able to sample this hershey treat when someone at work handed them out randomly to everyone.

how desperate is my sister? she wants to go to hershey park in pennsylvania just to be able to buy those chocolates. i suggested maybe target may have it, or costco. a friend of hers found those chocolates for sale in ebay.

i'm happy that my chocolate obsession is not as problematic, because cadbury's chocolate mini eggs are on the store shelves again this time of the year. five dollars for a huge bag, though. hehe. talk about splurging on sugar.


i survived a week at work wearing my arm sling without endangering my shoulder. i only have one more week of having to bear with this contraption, then i'm supposed to undergo therapy.

my computer crashed recently, so all of my precious digicam photos are gone. i have been putting off the task of transferring them to archive CDs--and now it's too late. stupid virus.

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