she saw zissou on the seashore

okay, i made up that tongue twister. but that is actually a scene in the movie "life aquatic with steve zissou" in reference to cate blanchett's reporter character who met zissou (bill murray) and his team of explorers in the middle of a video shoot by the shore.

i will always remember this movie for portraying filipinos as pirates in the high seas. curiously, one of these pirates was wearing a japanese sunrise bandanna, but i guess that's just his fashion statement.

a curious set of individuals make up team zissou--seafaring explorers led by a guy named steve, whose underwater adventures are set to a funky electronica beat as essential as their scuba-diving gear. one dangerous expedition led to the loss of steve's close friend esteban to a "jaguar shark", which he swore to kill in the name of revenge.

the real adventure begins when steve meets his (probable) son, ned plimpton (owen wilson) who later becomes the latest addition to his motley crew. the rest you'll have to see for yourself if you haven't seen this movie yet, but prepare to witness aquatic life unlike the ones you've seen on discovery channel.

we all live in a yellow submarine...


i have a cousin in london working as a nurse in a hospital near one of the places that just got bombed. thank god he's okay. he tells us how their hospital responded to many of the victims in the tragedy, and how three of the casualties were filipinos.

twin towers replayed in the form of double deckers.

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