nanny day care

a huge favor i do to my aunt is driving her 3-year-old daughter abby to her day care. because my aunt does multiple jobs, (being such a workaholic mom) her work schedule varies daily and there are times when she can't drive abby to day care in the morning. that's when i come to the rescue.

three times this week, to be exact. i wake up at the shriek of 7am to drive to their house and then spend an hour's worth of toddler tantrums session just to get abby to eat breakfast, brush her teeth, and get dressed--preferably in that order. there's a lot of teary-eyed whining ("I DON'T WANNA GOOOO!!!") and hateful glares in between. a stalling tactic she likes to do is to watch 2 minutes of "the little mermaid" on video or some tv and then you'll get her to do what you want her to. thankfully, her older sister has been assigned to perform all these tasks the last couple of times so that my main job is to be abby's day care chauffeur.

i consider these nanny skills i've acquired ever since i had stayed with another aunt in the philippines with a 4-year-old boy as training for when i have kids of my own in the future. if that ever happens.

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