the power of constantine compels you!

"fantastic four" didn't turn out to be as fantastic as i had expected. it seemed to me like one long tv commercial instead of a full-length movie. and the script left much to be desired. of course, they had to end it conveniently as to beg for a sequel. is it just me or does the human torch look like a younger clone of tom cruise?

on to my next review (which i'm more excited about)...the movie based on the DC/Vertigo comicbook "hellblazer"--"constantine." [SPOILER ALERT!]

keanu reeves plays john constantine: a chain-smoking, reluctant exorcist with a devil-may-care (pun intended) attitude about his soul's final destination (although he's working on earning his ticket to heaven by "deporting" demons to their fiery territory). he is your unfriendly, renegade ambassador for other-wordly affairs, with a crucifix-shaped shotgun to blast the "half-breeds" back to hell for abusing their earthly visas. his is a gift which burdens him more as a curse. he is the supernatural sheriff in a suit and tie. mr. anderson's other night job.

highlights of the film include constantine's first exorcism task involving a girl possessed by a tagalog-speaking demon, as well as his time-stopping method of "crossing over" to hell. speaking of "crossing over", bush's (the rock band, not the president) gavin rossdale stars as satan's elegantly dressed peddler of evil desires, balthazar.

"keanuuuuu...papaaa! papatayin kitaaa!"

the scene where constantine blows up a room full of half-breed demons reminded me a lot of the video game "silent hill", which elicited a silent "woohooo!" from within me. hehe.

"dude, aren't you the guy from matrix?"
"hey, aren't you the lead singer for bush?"

the comicbook reveals that constantine actually hails from liverpool, and is a guy with blonde hair. at least they got the chain-smoking part right.

rachel weisz plays the devout catholic detective angela dodson who ends up as the unwitting, damned bride of satan. the death of her twin sister leads her to cross paths with constantine.

nightmarish special effects and cool demon-vanquishing gadgets apart from your usual holy water and crucifix. "dragon's breath" blow torch? hell yeah! a lot of people may think keanu's not the best actor in the world, but "constantine" rocks enough for me to want to own it on DVD.

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