sore throat

i woke up with sore throat the other day and i'm still having a hard time swallowing. my voice got hoarse that i sound like i'm whispering even when i struggle to talk louder. well, i'm just glad i don't have fever. otherwise it could be strep throat that i'm having right now. strep throat is usually accompanied by fever and is contagious. but then, i'm told one can have strep throat even without a fever.

i'd rather have sore throat than sore eyes. here they call sore eyes "pink eye." my three cousins have recently taken turns modelling "pink" as this season's eye color. i'm glad they didn't pass it on to me. i remember how way back in elementary, kids with sore eyes would wear shades to school as a shield from spreading it to other people. but then, you attract more attention to yourself that way because you're wearing sunglasses in the classroom.

i also remember how my sore eyes started out when i was a kid. i just woke up one day with my eyes glued shut by the accumulated stuff that is normally found in your eyes, in abnormally large quantities. it's a painful process trying to pry your eyes open again. plus, it's disgusting.

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