"gaelic" god

saw "the motorcycle diaries" and realized how handsome such a hottie gael garcia bernal is. que guapo! excuse the girly hormones talking.

dude, where's our bike?

i will admit that i know nothing about che guevara save for seeing his face with that notorious hat on lots of t-shirts and a vague awareness that his name is politically significant in south america.

now i know that che was an adventurous youth whose travels changed the way he looked at life and defined his destiny.

wish i had bought "y tu mama tambien" on DVD a long time ago while i was in manila. that way, i would have already known about gael even before "motorcycle diaries."


and speaking of hot, it's really starting to get hot in new jersey. finally. temperatures reach the 80s. i was sweating today as i sat inside the car at the gas station waiting for that car to be inspected for road-worthiness, as required every two years. it's actually my first time to spend the summer months here in the states. the weird part about today though was that it started out as bright and sunny, and in the afternoon it got very windy and started raining--complete with thunder and lightning.

the other day at work, this lady was shopping for some clothes for her little boy to wear in the islands. she said she's taking him to the caribbean this summer. i asked her which part of the caribbean, and she said in trinidad, where she was originally from. my assistant manager had asked her what she's doing here in the states, which translates to "why leave such an exotic island in the caribbean for boring new jersey?" the trinidad woman replied that she likes the change of seasons here. in my mind i started singing, "winter spring summer or fall..."

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