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here i am back in the garden state at about the same time of the year i came last year, that is, during autumn. my sister and i went shopping today at the jersey gardens mall--my first time to go there actually. given my current state of obesity, i refrained from buying any clothes. i settled for a marked-down pair of summer flip-flops at j. crew instead.

hurray, i can finally upload pictures from my digital camera. i've collected over 200 pictures in my memory stick, but i'll post only a few ones for now.

here's a shot of the skies from my seat by the window.

that's a view of the CKS (chiang kai shek) airport at taipei, one of our stopovers. the flags indicate a national holiday being observed at that time.

peko-chan chocolate lollipops at the CKS duty-free shop! aren't they cute? bought some for my little cousins in NJ.

this was me on my birthday, pre-haircut disaster. that's my beloved minolta digicam.

my mom and i flew EVA airways. during the taipei-seattle leg of the flight, one of the stewardesses reminded me of that guy from the chinovela "twin sisters"--wesley huo (plays the role of wallace)--a female version, hence pretty. i wish she smiled more openly as her other colleagues did. maybe it's that time of the month.

just finished watching "ju-on" on dvd before i wrote this post, so the creaking sounds of this computer chair i'm sitting on is making me uneasy. the crawling scene reminded me a lot of "the ring", though. but that scene where the creepy black lady is hovering above rika's bed while the ashen-faced little boy sits by her foot is just nightmarish.

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