videoke vixen

before anything else, i just want to announce that tomorrow is my birthday (if anyone actually still cares to drop by my blog..haha). i've abstained from blogging for a month because of an important mission, and yesterday marked the end of that mission. my friends and i went out last night to sing away our worries (but which can't be sung away anyway, just temporarily mitigated) inside a videoke room, where some of them demonstrated their lascivious dancing skills short of climbing the walls spiderman-style. i think we spent P200 worth of five peso coins on that videoke machine.

and to update you with what's up with me while i was away, i got a new digicam from my father as an early birthday gift. something i've been wanting to have. it's a minolta dimage G400, 4MP. it also has a video feature...wheeee! i can't post pictures yet, as this computer i'm using doesn't have a USB port (in filipino you'd call this computer "katutubo", hahaha)to facilitate digicam file transfer. but that won't be a problem once i fly back to new jersey this october.

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