extra challenge

that darned dog kept barking all night because she had to go. and so i had to get up at 4am and unleash her outdoors. finally, some peace and quiet. although in a few hours my little cousin is going to wake up and stir up a day's worth of ruckus.

i haven't joined that reality-based show, but my current role sure feels like it. i'm not only my cousin's chauffeur, i'm her nanny now. her mom has to look after his dad who unfortunately got confined in the hospital. my little cousin is only 3 and a half years old, but he's one big toddler for his age. one remarkable skill he has is that he knows how to operate most electronics by himself, especially the dvd and vcd players, so he can watch cartoons and movies all day if he wants to. try bearing with a dozen viewings of "the lady and the tramp." this is single mom training 101! hehe.

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