watashi wa turning japanese

alas, the movies i mentioned in the previous entry aren't entirely free. i failed to notice the asterisks on the list of movies that are going to be shown for free at the UP film center. i still want to watch brocka's shorts though.

my two recent movie viewings were "lost in translation" and "the last samurai." i was wondering if bill murray and scarlett johansson would ever have sex, but the movie's climax turned out to be an inaudible whisper in the middle of a busy street. even with the dvd's subtitle feature on, they didn't show the whispered dialogue.

i don't know if there's something wrong with my (pirated) dvd copy of "the last samurai", but i'm pretty sure there was supposed to be a lovemaking scene between tom cruise and the japanese woman who took care of him despite being her husband's killer. maybe it's one of the "deleted scenes" in the 2nd disc which unfortunately isn't part of the pirated 1st disc. hehe.

my friends and i were hanging out at the sunken garden inside the university of the philippines the other day. it's a huge, grassy area as big as a football field surrounded by trees. it's called "sunken" not because it's underwater (as i had originally thought before actually seeing it), but because it's land area is below sea level. another friend told me it actually lies on the marikina fault line, which makes it a dangerous place in case of earthquakes.

interesting "street food" you'll find at the corner of ilang-ilang hall and balay kalinaw is the "isaw" stand. "isaw" would be chicken's intestines skewered onto a stick and then grilled and dipped in spicy vinegar. their "isaw" has a reddish color, in contrast to the usual pale variety elsewhere. they serve your order in a small plastic cup filled with spicy vinegar dip that you can bring anywhere you please. it's best eaten standing up while talking to your friends. hehe.

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