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i am but a humble, newbie saleslady. my manager explained to me the figures on this employee evaluation sheet, which shows how each associate has performed saleswise compared to her colleagues in her department (sales per hour figures). i was surprised to see my name on top of those in my department. i mean, i'm only part-time. i figured my extra hours at petites and children's had something to do with boosting my sales per hour. adele wasn't so happy about it. she thought it wasn't fair because i wasn't really restricted to our department, and so she's insinuating that my figures weren't truly accurate. i told her, "they're just numbers!"

well, okay, they're not "just numbers." they reflect on your ability to sell at an hour's time. but i don't really care much about getting high "sales per hour" numbers, as long as i do my job right and serve my customers well. she was pretty grumpy this morning to this one customer who was asking about coupon-eligible items. i had to apologize on her behalf.

my exposure to handbags has fed my inclination towards bags. today i bought my grandma a small franco sarto bag which actually lights up inside. gave it to her as a belated birthday gift. then i bought myself a liz claiborne initial bag...couldn't resist! it was on sale, i had a coupon, i get an extra 25% employee discount, and it was the last one in my initial--C! hehe.

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