you must be my lucky star

at this asian grocery in kenvil, there was a huge chinese calendar with F4 on it, hanging on the wall. F4 follows me to jersey. hehe. at the other end of the store, there were shelves of chinese and korean dramas on vcd, HK audio CDs and some chinese magazines. their drama selection looked alien to me, though, unlike the familiar faces on the ones at mei-ah shop in binondo.

finally opened the beastie boys video anthology DVD which my friend ivy gave me, and watched some of the vids. rekindled my crush on adrock. (badly need a boyfriend already, hahaha) the DVD has commentaries by the band itself and the directors for each video. it also came with a cute poster.

my mom and i watched "joy luck club" on DVD tonight. real tearjerker for my mom. i think the movie can be summed up in one word: "hope." june says symbolically, that when her aunts play mahjong, they find their joy from hoping that they'll win. i found my joy in watching russell wong in one of the scenes...especially in that watermelon-licking scene....oooh! haha.

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