shiver me timbers

so this is what a "windchill" is like. you can hear the wind howling from outside, and the snow gets blown everywhere so strongly that it's like the snowy equivalent of a middle-eastern sandstorm. and the temperature is -16C.

on our way to the mall tonight, i popped into the car stereo this old voice tape of me and my sister when we were kids which we sent to our mom when she was still in qatar. my mom laughed at hearing me singing "where are you now" (not sure if that's the title) while my uncle played the guitar. my uncle believed i could be a singing diva someday, but my musical hormones could only get me as far as the videoke bar. hehe. the letter "f" wasn't in my vocabulary yet, so i pronounced the word "if" as "IP." hehe.

here's part of that song....

Every single day
I think of the times
When you were still mine
And I’m blue
Got to get away
Get you out of my mind
I’m caught up in time
And I’m blue
I don’t miss all the fun that we had
You were always around me
Where are you now
I need you now
If you were around
It could be alright

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