amateur ice skaters

the lake near our house was frozen, so that ice skating is permitted. my sister bought two pairs of used ice skating shoes at the harvest festival last year in anticipation of an ice skating session this winter. she wanted to try skating today, but i was too scared so we only brought one pair for her. i was to be her assistant. neither of us has ever tried ice skating in our lives, but my sister used to rollerblade inside our small duplex unit in pasig way back when we were young. yes, she was a daredevil at a young age.

there were a few kids skating then. we chose to go at around 5:30ish so that it was already a bit dark and no one could see our faces that well, haha. i walked right beside my sister as she carefully skated on her own, trying to keep her balance every step of the way. she was secretly cursing at the kids who could skate so effortlessly.

you could see the frozen bubbles underneath the ice. it was so cool. i was scared to death, however, even of the mere thought of trying the skating shoes on. i have this fear of slipping and falling flat on my back and/or seriously banging my skull. heck, i'm even wobbly on a frickin' bike! haha.

anyway, when my sister got too tired "ice-walking" on her skates, i decided to give it a try, despite my inner voice screaming objections inside my head. i put on the skating shoes, and had my sister drag me to the side of the lake. it was embarrassing, i was holding on to her the whole time! and i kept saying "ohmygodohmygod" and laughing like crazy. it felt like walking on the tips of your high-heeled shoes on a newly polished floor! well, at least i didn't fall. haha.

yeah, gotta get me a personal tutor for that in the future...hehe.

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