her small, slim, filipino-irish-lithuanian-american wedding

just threw out our fresh christmas tree which i felt has outlived its freshness, but has outlived it well. we're going to put away all our christmas decors and lights starting tomorrow, as the epiphany has already passed. but in church, they said christmas ends officially next week, during christ's baptism.

tonight we watched the video of my doctor aunt's wedding to an american whom she met one autumn day at a bridge somewhere in pennsylvania. i love knowing how couples met. her mom narrated during the reception how they met, saying that my aunt was with her friends at this bridge and they wanted someone else to take their picture. so this guy passes them and he volunteered to take their picture. after that, he walked with them because he said he wanted to get some medicine for his upset stomach. then my aunt tells him he can get another type of medicine, and the guy says, "why are you prescribing, are you a doctor?" and my aunt said yes of course. and therein started their romance.

my aunt got married during her thirties, but she really looks young for her age. they got married in the philippines, and so her husband had flown to manila with her mom, sister and some close friends for the wedding. i didn't know he was half-irish, half-lithuanian. when the video showed his pictures as a bachelor, there was one of him in a breath-taking scenery of a cliff against crashing waves. in my mind i guessed it was probably in ireland...and i was right. ireland is one of the places i want to visit, knowing that it has a mystical heritage of faeries and leprechauns and banshees. i recently purchased a book online called "how to catch fairies" and am currently reading it. very interesting.

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