beso beso

because we had visitors today at lunch, we had to miss the morning mass at our church to accommodate them. we attended the 7pm mass at the sacred heart church in the next town, a town we call "little mexico" because it is predominantly spanish in terms of its inhabitants. it looks more urban than our area because the houses and buildings there are built right next to each other. similar to downtown chicago, as my sister observed.

now, during the part of the mass where you're supposed to say "peace be with you" to whoever is near you within arm's reach, i turned around to shake the hand of this spanish woman (i know she's spanish because i heard them speak), and she not only shook my hand, she bent over to kiss me in the cheek, so i obliged with the unexpected "beso-beso." now, the usual practice is just to shake hands with the people you say "peace" to. kisses are reserved for family and close friends/lovers. i guess she was just that friendly.

starting tonight, we'll be having another episode of snow which is expected to grow stronger tomorrow night.

oh, i got myself a part-time job at the mall at this rather fancy department store which requires its employees to wear business attire. the pay's not big, especially since i'm new, and i'm working only about ten hours a week. at least i can now get off my butt and earn a few bucks. wish me luck on this bold endeavor.

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