take me to middle-earth

made some spaghetti tonight for my sis' late dinner, as she comes home late from her work at the mall. and now that it's only a few days away from christmas, malls are very busy and are open till midnight.

earlier today i watched lord of the rings: the two towers on dvd to refresh my memory and prep myself for the final LOTR installment, "the return of the king." i bet the theaters are packed especially on weekends for that particular film. discovery's travel channel and duracell are each having online contests for LOTR. the prize: a trip to the majestic location of LOTR...middle-earth in new zealand. LOTR put new zealand back in the map. now it's not just that small spot under australia or the place where some of our pasteurized cow's milk comes from. it's where hobbits, elves, dwarves, men and nasty orcs roamed!

i've entered both contests. can't hurt trying, right?

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