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the trilogy which spanned three years now draws to a conclusion in its three-hour installment, "return of the king." my sis and i watched this at 4pm, leaving at first when we saw the line at the ticket booth. then we decided to return to the parking lot and did catch the movie, and we got nice seats too. damn, should've worn my legolas two towers shirt! i relieved myself just before the movie started but in a few minutes, my bladder was full again. and we didn't even bring drinks with us! so i had to hold it for the rest of the movie. i didn't want to miss a thing!

highlights of the film: (*SPOILERS!*)

-the love triangle between frodo, sam and gollum.
-HOT faramir. literally. his crazed dad wanted to burn him alive. i still do think he's cute, though.
-aragorn not only gets to be king, he becomes a dad. future dad, at least. oh and for the first time, he washes his hair for his crown. i bet legolas shared some hair care tips with him. hehe.
-eowyn gets dumped by aragorn, moves on and hooks up with merry, and gets to show some serious girl power with the head nazgul.
-legolas' acrobatic fighting skills against the giant elephants. i swear, some of the people inside the theater actually applauded after this scene!
-green ghostly warriors teaming up with aragorn.
-the ring's long-awaited destruction! and sauron's!
-horrendous battle scenes!

it feels a little weird knowing there won't be a part four anymore... can't decide which among the three is the best. they were all really great.

tacky toy of the day: we saw these cheap plastic swords at the dollar store called "sword of the kings", which look exactly like frodo's sword, sting. it actually makes a metallic clanking sound when you touch it. hehe.

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