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this is perhaps the next generation of blogs: moblogs.

it's a blog site for posting pix from your mobile phone, particularly camera phones....as well as your digital camera. too much surfing led me to that site, and if you can see at the left-hand menu of this journal, a link automatically displays the latest pic i uploaded to my moblog. neat, huh? you can view my moblog pix at brokenmoon.textamerica.com.

tonight i assisted my sis in shopping for a gift for her "monito" at work, matt. the gift is supposed to be worth at least $20. she picked a guy, the only guy at their work who happens to be a businessman, so it was hard picking a gift for him. i suggested a scarf at the gap, so we went there and bought one, while i tried in vain to scope out "john mayer" but my efforts were futile. my sis says she saw him though, perhaps he's at the back of the store doing stock work. then she decided to buy matt a necktie instead, because she observed that he wears a tie most of the time. so we got a tie at macy's at a cheaper price. i suggested that she add a christmas mug to go with it to make it a $20 gift combo.

tomorrow it's going to start to snow. but the heavier snow is supposed to be on saturday, and that we're expecting some 8-12 inches of snow. hmm, guess there won't be a party! hehe.

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