california dreaming

got phone calls from two, make that three friends from california today. the first two were my high school batchmates. jannie called up to say that chachi met up with her to go see the golden gate bridge and the fisherman's wharf. chachi will go back to the philippines after christmas. i'm not really close friends with chachi but it was good to hear the voice of a fellow CBCian. they're all the way there in the west coast. i know i have a few batchmates here in the east coast, but i have not made contact with them yet.

then ivy called up to ask if i already got her parcel which she mailed on wednesday. haven't gotten it yet, perhaps on monday.

my sis and i shopped for a gift for a baby shower my father's supposed to be attending but which he declined. he will still give the gift anyway. every mall is having a christmas sale, but our favorite place to visit is macy's holiday lane. they have the prettiest christmas ornaments and christmas card sets. although we're done sending out greeting cards, we're scoping out the cards we'll be sending out for next year. hehe.

starting on tuesday, the mall opens at 7am and closes at midnight. the only thing that'll probably deter people from coming in droves is the snow, which we'll be having again tomorrow. but then some people take advantage of the snow when shopping, knowing that there will be few people to compete with in the parking lot. but then they'll have to drive at their own risk.

made adobong manok for lunch today. amazing how they have canned quail eggs at the asian grocery, so i used that for my cooking. how convenient!

bought a sheet of stamps at the post office today...you can buy stamps for home use (and save future trips to the post office) from their vending machine. cool eh? i got the holiday music maker series stamps. really cute. i used to have a stamp collection when i was younger (so much younger than today...haha).

my two favorite christmas songs right now are "last christmas" by wham! and "santa baby" by madonna. the former is my sis' ringtone right now...hehe.

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