whew, what a party.

i spent the entire day yesterday chopping and slicing and dicing and mincing vegetables and meat for our party food. my parents decided to throw a belated birthday party for me, (september bday) and also for my father (october bday). i made spaghetti and meatballs (separate dishes). i started making the sauce last night at 1am and finished by almost 2am. i take my spaghetti sauce rather seriously. adding just the right amount of spices and ingredients to get that tomatoey taste with a hint of pinoy sweetness. of course, jufran ketchup came in handy.

our party menu includes:
-dinuguan (my dad's specialty) and home-made puto with food coloring to make it look like goldilocks products (my mom's party staple and specialty)
-spaghetti (my specialty and favorite)
-meatballs (baked with my special sauce)
-butter cake (specially baked by my sister, everyone loved it)
-pancit palabok (made by my aunt, also a crowd favorite)
-grilled pork chops
-fruit salad (made by my mom)
-home-made veggie pizza (made by my aunt...the only thing baked is the dough part, the rest are fresh veggies)
-guinatan (made by my aunt)
-lumpiang toge (spring rolls, made by my mom)
-various seafood : prawns, crab omelette, etc.
-corn dogs for the kids

it was very cold today. but at least it wasn't raining. tonight we got to watch the lunar eclipse on a clear autumn night sky. i haven't opened my other gifts yet but i received cash (Woohoo), a check, a gift card at jc penney, a nice sweater from g+g...and the rest i have yet to know.

the thing about parties here is that everyone kisses everyone else as a form of warm greeting. that's okay with me, especially if you're a cute bachelor, but the guys who came were fathers. haha. i think i slightly gave one a peek of my cleavage while i was pouring more tortilla chips in the bowl. mwahaha. they kept telling me i look pretty. i said it's just that i had a very thorough shower, haha. anyhoo...sorry for them if i give them a cold. i still have one. i felt that other guy's facial hair graze my cheek when he kissed me goodbye.

this song is stuck in my head:

"My milk shake brings all the boys to the yard,
and there like,
its better than yours,
damn right its better than yours,
i can teach you,
but i have to charge"

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