i accompanied my aunt to yonkers, NY today because she had to rent a penske truck for hauling bags and bags of pebbles from a family friend's house there into her own. yonkers is about an hour away from her place in NJ. my aunt was pretty anxious to drive a huge truck. what we failed to check beforehand was the fuel, so that when we were somewhere in mountainview-wayne, nj, we had to exit and look for the nearest gas station. we asked for directions from people at the post office and luckily there was one nearby. the fuel indicator was already beeping its warning, and when we got to the getty gas station, there was a sign that read "no gas." luckily for us, the refilling tanker just arrived and we just had to wait for an eternal 30 minutes before we could get some gas. i got dizzy from inhaling the sticky cigarette smell inside the truck left over by the previous user.

in other news, i got a pair of new dark brown boots with heels. i pray i won't trip on it and embarrass myself. and then i got my dreamer's dictionary in the mail which i bought on ebay for a discounted price...now i don't have to keep logging on to swoon.com to know the meaning of my dreams.

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