today i saw swans gracefully swimming in the lake near our house. they look immaculate amidst the fog-covered lake. the last time i saw swans here was when someone from chicago visited me and took me to that lake. haha. god that was...3 years ago.

my sister insisted that i taste the sushi-seaweed salad from shoprite. it looks like plants plucked from an aquarium...here they look like algae, a sickly shade of green. the label says it's made of seaweed, agar-agar, and sesame seed oil. hesitantly, i took some strands with my chopsticks and found that it tastes...weird. weird yet...appetizing. there were sliced chilli peppers which made it taste spicy. the glutinous seaweed had a tangy flavor. it was gone in less than 5 minutes. hehe.

i've a cold right now. darn i forgot to take my cough medicine.

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