been drinking dunkin donuts' french vanilla coffee for the third straight night...my sister's been craving for it and so i'm dragged into drinking it as well. she'll drive to dunkin just for a small cup of light and sweet french vanilla. oh, tonight i had hazelnut. i'm not exactly a big coffee-drinker, especially when it's plain dark coffee, but i'll try flavored coffee from time to time. my head gets dizzy from too much caffeine.

my sister mentioned how people here always like their coffee with donuts and wondered why. she said it's probably like our own "kape at pandesal" combo. the inseparable breakfast pair.

gorged down a serving of wendy's chicken BLT (bacon lettuce and tomato) salad while watching "johnny english" on dvd. they have a HUGE serving of it. with huge chunks of chicken, grated cheese, lots of lettuce and whole cherry tomatoes. it's so huge you can't eat it all by yourself in one sitting, but when you're distracted like i am (watching a movie), you'll see that it's not that impossible. but i still had some of it left in the fridge. hehe.

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