it was a beautiful, beautiful sunny day today.

went shopping today with my mom and sister. i got me some sale items from j. crew like this pair of khaki sneakers, a khaki skirt, and a dark brown belt. jc penney had this "sweet sale", they gave away free chocolates to everyone and the discount coupons came as its wrappers. i ate three of them while inside the mall. i finally have a new down jacket for winter. it's white and the sleeves can be removed to turn it into a vest.

we heard mass tonight and then had a family dinner for four at pizza hut. the meal came with your choice of two pizzas. we got super supreme and meatlover's. we helped ourselves at the salad bar first though. we took home most of the leftover pizza. and then it's french vanilla coffee fix afterwards.

tomorrow we're going to west point military academy for a tour. it's like our phil. military academy in baguio. it's going to be a first visit for me and my sister.

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