currently downloading lauryn hill's version of "can't take my eyes off you." heard this on the radio last night and it was good, sang along to it too.

it's raining today. my mom and i stood outside our front door and hung the aria wind chimes which my dad got as a gift from my mom's friend at work. we have smaller wind chimes at the back porch but they're too light to actually make a sound when it's windy.

helped my mom make pancit, and we offered our next-door cop neighbor a plateful. my mom described it as "something like lomein, you eat that right?" over the phone.

my mom has this self-blood sugar test kit which comes with this cool device where you insert the metal strip with a small opening. you prick your finger with a ballpen-like gadget and let your blood drip into the metal strip's opening. it actually sucks it in. then the blood sugar meter reads your blood sugar level like a calculator. mine was 126. she says a reading over 200 means you're diabetic.

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