saw "finding nemo" today and my...it was so beautiful it made me weep. it was so funny--the "fish are friends, not food" society and that frightened little fish they "befriended", dory the forgetful fish (i wish i can speak whale! or at least, orcish! haha), the flock of seagulls which chants "mine, mine", and how every fish in that aquarium in sydney, including the pelican, is very articulate in dental terminologies. haha. they bring back memories of my dental appointments. i remember how the dentist called each cavity in my teeth a different name, like "class 3", "class 5" depending on the location and depth of the hole. okay, i have to stop now lest i aggravate your mounting disgust. hehe.

i bought this box of cereal with a free nemo water squirter toy. i specifically searched for the box with nemo on it. because the rest were mostly those other underwater classmates of his. oh, that pink starfish was so cute.

pixar totally rocks.....duuuuude.

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