whew! what a day!

it was too late when i found out that we didn't have classes today, as i have already boarded an FX bound for quiapo which took a long route via novaliches to avoid the sandiganbayan area, where gloria was about to deliver her SONA. when we exited at mindanao avenue, i decided to get off at the corner of north avenue so i can go back as early as i can. i had thought of spending some time at SM north since i was already in the vicinity, but then my feet took me to this ukay-ukay store right before SM, and i had a wonderful shoe find! a pair of beige cowboy-style boots with curly stitching designs at the sides, for only P300! the tag originally read P650, but they were having a 50% discount sale today (oh lucky me! not lucky you, lucky me!) so they gave it to me for P325, but i had pleaded for P300. woohoo! i've always wanted to own high boots, so i can wear them with my short skirts. yeehaww! i also bought a pastel blue striped belt for only P35.

the polaroid shot of my boots looks pale though, but you get the idea. hehe.

i got on a jeep on my way home, but the trip was cut short to ever gotesco commonwealth because of the closed road leading to sandiganbayan, so i decided to spend the rest of the afternoon there at the mall. bought some stuff, ate some, and then when i figured that the SONA was over, i went outside thinking that i can finally go home. but no, traffic was congested but i did get on a jeep, and the normally 3-minute stretch from ever to sandiganbayan took 35 minutes! lots of buses were parked alongside commonwealth avenue. our jeep went around the batasan area and there i saw a lot of policemen surrounding the vicinity. just when we reached SM fairview though, this van on our left side suddenly swerved in our direction, almost hitting us. i thought the driver was going to confront us or something. thankfully no violence ensued.

and then i finally got on the jeep bound for home. i sat behind the driver. and my eyes wandered to this guy sitting beside the driver, who was wearing a checkered shirt, with glistening, clean-cut hair, some facial hair starting to grow back, neck exposed gleaming with sweat, fair skin, nice hands...his yummy lips reflected on the mirror..and his nose was fair. everything about him pulled my vision towards him. in that brief ten minute ride, i had lusted for him. but then, my lust remained unmanifested, because i had to get off at my street. goodbye, sexy stranger. thanks for the ride.

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