migraines are like diarrhea, you never know when they come and they come at the most inopportune time. it's been a while since i last had a migraine attack, so i was starting to get this feeling that i was invincible, at the time being.

my latest migraine fit happened a couple of days ago, while i was in the FX. the last time i had one was also while riding an FX. it is a very nauseating experience, i tell you. i get really dizzy to the point of vomiting, but thankfully i never ejected anything out of my guts. it's just that when the migraine happens, i develop an ultra-sensitive sense of smell so that i can smell EVERYTHING inside the FX. the slightest movement of my seatmate and i catch a whiff of his sweat-dried clothes. the upholstery on the seats. the mixture of other passengers' perfume and bodily odor. in a normal day my nose wouldn't be so mindful of these superficial scents. but a migraine reminds you of your nose a hundredfold.

i suspect it must have been my caffeine intake for the past week which triggered it, because now i remember buying a 1.5L pepsi (primarily for the F4 glass exchange) and then a liter of coke after that, and then that irish coffee in a tetra pack. and then the chocolates. *sigh* the forbidden things are the ones that give pleasure. so many forbidden foods when you have a migraine. well, you can probably eat them in moderation, but if you're having an important affair at some given day, it's best to avoid those foods prior to such day.

there's no cure for migraines (yet) so my only weapon is tylenol and bed rest. i feel much better now.

yesterday i dropped by quiapo and bought this water ball thingie for P20. it's like a stretchy, gooey yoyo-stress ball. it's the latest fad toy. mine is purple with a tiny yellow dinosaur swimming inside the ball, and some stars. cute ei?

i also visited the dvd pirates and bought me finding nemo (woohoo!), joy luck club, sleepy hollow (johnny depp), and kate & leopold.

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