my dream was accurate, i had dreamt of balloons (pink ones, actually) and it's supposed to mean "trivial disappointment." my dream must have anticipated my reaction to "tombraider: cradle of life". this time, though, lady croft plunges into a sunken greek temple, crash-lands into rural china, and plays with the "elephants" in africa--with a scottish-sounding boyfriend. ahh...just when we thought we'd see some steamy sex scene...lara refused to see the kinky side of handcuffs.

i think lara decreased her breasts by one cup size.


meteor garden ended today...up next...season 2! i got to buy cheap stickers in quiapo with xing ha, shancai's best friend in it. it's always F4, F4, F4.

i also bought new batteries for my tamagotchi...which i installed myself using the precision screwdriver set i bought at quiapo for only P20. my tamagotchi is now 2 years old in tamagotchi time.

i bought this old japanese country cookbook for P50 at the mall, it's printed on brown craft paper and the recipes are illustrated in black ink. copyright is 1969! whoa. recipe books interest me, and i am particularly interested with anything japanese. this one sells for $10 on the internet.

This is a paper cover book "Japanese Country Cookbook" by Russ Rudzinski, dated copyright 1969. "Prepared by the owners of San Francisco's world famous Mingei-Ya Country Style Restaurant, the book offers a complete guide to the home-style foods of Japan, from sukiyaki to tempura and beyond." An extensive collection of recipes for Japanese specialty foods, including: Sukiyaki, tempura, abura yaki, teriyaki, sashimi, seasoned nori, miso shiru, age buta, tori-motsu, rumaki, niku dango, tofu yaki, ran zan tamago, etc. etc., with glossary at the back of the book.

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