practiced a new skill today: installing a doorknob.

my uncle taught me yesterday how to install it. i had to buy a new doorknob set at quiapo because i accidentally locked my bedroom door and i didn't have a key so we had to destroy it.

also yesterday, i dropped by this ukay-ukay store in cubao where i got this cute waist-hugging body bag with the word "love" sewn on the front. i got the lady to lower the price. the other day i also bought from the same store a black shoulder bag with cute pockets on the front, one of them having a patchwork of two characters named "merry and ken", all in all projecting the image of a schoolbag that a kindergarten girl would use. i'm after cuteness and utility. these second-hand bags come from china, singapore, and hongkong. the interesting thing about used items is wondering who their original owners were, what they were like, and what memories they infused with those objects. but of course, i washed em first.

my friend lent me her box of ancient chinese fortune-telling sticks. each bamboo stick has a number, and you have to shake the box after making a wish, and then wait for a stick to fall. you shouldn't pick it out, you have to let it fall on its own. then you check the number on the stick and refer to your fortune on this little pamphlet which contains the fortune corresponding to the number, written in rhyming verses. yet another fun divination tool.

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