this building beside the plaza miranda near quiapo church has a wide screen on its side. when i got there this morning they were showing shrek. it reminded me of times square in new york city. later this afternoon when i came from divisoria, JLo was strutting around in a red dress. must be a concert.

it's not advisable to go to divisoria on saturdays, because it's market day. that means there will be more shoppers in there than usual. but i went anyway. it's the haven for everything you'll ever need at a cheaper price. cheaper still if you want to buy in bulk.

i bought celfone casings for my sister's 3390 for only P25 each. one of them is a cute silver metallic lilo & stitch casing. these cheap casings are sold on the sidestreets in the blazing heat of the sun.

i also bought a dao ming zi notepad for P10, and an F4 colored stationery pad for P20. i would have bought a sheet of chobits stickers but they were only selling it on wholesale. then i bought a small wooden windchime for P20.

mcdonald's have these small sega mini-video games in 4 varieties for P50 each. i bought the "banana catch" game because it looked cute. these little gadgets are very reminiscent of the old-school game & watch pioneered by nintendo.

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