i had the chance to borrow patricia javier's strip show vcd called "bare naked." it has different segments of her dancing and showing off her humongous and eternally erect boobs as well as her kitten down there. there's this nasty billiard scene where she and another girl play strip pool. patricia has a really big behind that would rival jlo's.

was in quiapo again yesterday with a friend who had a gameboy color game exchanged for another title. i bought a couple of meteor garden mousepads! P15 each! i'm using it now. the other one is heart-shaped with vic zhou on it, which i'm planning to give to another friend. oh, and i bought ken postcards too, P10 for 5 pieces.

i bought a pirated copy of "hero" on vcd, which was amazingly clear when i test-viewed it.

quiapo is a happy, happy place. hehe. you just have to dodge bullets whenever kap comes barging down the pirated vcd/dvd vendors. and keep a watchful eye for thieves.

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