went to quiapo today to buy myself a new battery for my ancient 3210 celfone. it's about time i did, because it hasn't been recharging properly. at the mall the battery costs around P600, but i was able to buy it at manila city plaza for only P180.

then i browsed around for other merchandise of chinese origin in that building near quiapo church and then succumbed to this sticker urge when i saw meteor garden/F4 stickers. i bought 3 sheets, very cheap. and then i also bought a deck of meteor garden playing cards for P35. it's cute, each card has different pictures of F4, the cutest ones being those with them holding stitch stuffed toys from lilo & stitch.

guess what else they're selling, F4 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles for only P150! me being a jigsaw puzzle fan, maybe i'll buy one next time. haha.

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