was in line at the bank for nearly two hours today. that's what happens when the president declares a long holiday weekend extending to monday: long lines in the banks the next day.

the guy behind me was coughing and clearing his throat incessantly the whole two hours; i feared he was spreading the SARS virus. at the supermarket, this chinese-looking lady was wearing a surgical mask and assisted by one of the grocery workers in her grocery-buying.

bought bridget jones's diary on vcd and watched it when i got home. i've been wanting to see this movie after having read the book a while back. i recognized one of bridget's friends in the movie as the girl who played "moaning myrtle" in harry potter and the chamber of secrets. wow, she can pass off as a student at hogwarts. also bought josh groban's album. my selfish expenses amounted to P295 today.

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