went on a solo pilgrimage today to the manaoag shrine in pangasinan. it's a personal promise i made to mama mary last year, and i decided to visit her before holy week. it's actually my first time to travel by bus to a far-away province all by myself. i woke up at 3am to catch the 430am trip of the dagupan bus in new york, cubao. luckily i made it. i travelled for 5 hours to spend 2 hours in pangasinan.

i made it to the 10am mass, after which i stood in line for almost an hour to touch the virgin's dress. there were people who had name tags on their chests, probably on a religious field trip. i decided to skip lunch so i can get on a bus bound for manila before 1pm. i did buy some local puto and kuchinta and a bag of tupig, which i hope are still edible at this point in time with the help of the fridge.

it took a little while before a bus did pass by, and again it was a dagupan bus. my lunch consisted of the nova chips i brought with me and a can of coke i bought at the nearby store. there were some technical troubles when we reached the tarlac stopover, so that we had to transfer to another dagupan bus about an hour later.

at the north expressway were various billboards with advertisements. one particular ad caught my eye. it was a soysauce with a peculiar brandname. it was called "happy birthday TOYO."
i wonder if it's exclusively for birthday food? haven't seen a tv ad of such product. hehe.

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