today i lost a white askal named crazy, the last descendant of the late nan. he died of unknown reasons, but he simply lost the ability to eat and refused to take anything shoved into his mouth. we suspect that his esophagus or digestive tract must have been punctured by some sharp piece of chicken or fishbone.

he went to doggie heaven this morning. when my cousin buried him in the garden, i rushed to my room and cried. he's been with our household for more than a year. and now our house is silent because he is gone.

his name was originally crazytown, i named him after that band who sang that "butterfly" song. it's because when he was a puppy, his feet turned inwards, pretty much like the frequent hand gesture of the lead vocalist of the aforementioned band. he survived his four other siblings. but now he went on to join them and his mom.

he's this hyperactive kind of dog who barks at the slightest sound and sight of a stranger. he gets overexcited when he's being petted, so much so that he uncontrollably pees as a sign of happiness. he also likes to jump on people to show his affection.

my uncle called right after i texted another cousin about it. i was trying to muffle my sighs of sadness. he was trying to console me. he was offering their puppy as a replacement. he said that crazy was a good dog for having waited for me to graduate before he left me.

now i only have my three cats for pets.

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