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happy new year!

we missed the new year's eve mass at st. cecilia's church last night because my father had to do some overtime work at wendy's, they were closing at 7pm even as lots more customers wanted to go in. we went instead to tita ruth's place for this mini party (we were already hungry then) and then proceeded to auntie dannette's place where we tasted their special camaron and took home two lobsters. we took pictures here at home and watched the ball drop on tv at timesquare, then we tooted our horns and had a small new year's dinner. my first time to eat lobster, actually. had a lot of sparkling grape too.

i'm flying back to manila in three days....boy, time sure flies fast when you're having fun. didn't get to write much about when we went up the empire state building in new york and when my sister and i went to atlantic city with our grandparents...

my god, i gained a lot of weight in my three week-holiday vacation! losing it is definitely a part of my resolutions....

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