2330 EST 26 december

went to our cousins' place in morris plains to try snowboarding. their house (nay, mansion..hehe) is on a hill and with all the snow around, it's perfect for snowboarding. it's a first for me and my sister. i actually got entangled with a tree on my first try, and then had my legs against another one on my way down. but oooooh it was fun! it was cold too! we slid all the way down the road a few times.

yesterday was christmas day and my sister's birthday. it wasn't just your ordinary snow, turned out there really was a snowstorm. a white christmas indeed! we thought nobody would come to our party because of all the snow, but then a few visitors did arrive. the snow was about 7 inches thick outside. i made spaghetti while my sister baked cookies cut in christmas shapes, and we also had lechon, sweet and sour tilapia, pancit, fruit salad, lumpia, crabs, mussels, etc. such a shame her ice cream cake melted, so that by the time we had to eat it, it was just cream.

tonight we went to the mall and bought this rather pricey christmas ornament which says "our first christmas 2002". it's a spode ceramic bell originally $28.75 and marked down to $9.98, with an additional 10% off courtesy of a macy's discount coupon.

tomorrow my family is going to new york. we're taking the bus in parsippany. it's cheaper from there.

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