it is now christmas eve, 0225 EST.

yesterday i learned how to change the fuse of a net-style multi-colored christmas lights. seems like i've been stuck in our front lawn all afternoon connecting christmas lights amongst the bushes. a lot of lights have been interconnected so that the fuse just gave up. must do something about the extension cords...free more cords to prevent burning more fuses.

anyway, the other day we tried in vain to buy discounted fresh pine trees at the home depot, but they ran out of it, to my sister's disappointment. she so wanted to decorate a fresh xmas tree for our basement. we had to settle for the fresh wreaths which sold for only a dollar each. we got two, and put them in baskets all over the house to have that fresh pine scent indoors. they smell really good.

saw tommy, the neighbor's cat this afternoon. my, how he's grown! he's gotten so fat and heavy! he was out in our backyard eating our grass.

we're spending noche buena over at our aunt's place in morris plains tonight. then on christmas day, it's going to snow! let it snow, let it snow!

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