two nights and 1 day before my sister leaves for NJ.

my sister and i met up with her boyfriend in quiapo church today for our trip to binondo. we bought a pirated dvd of "i-spy" while i got this pirated vcd of miyazaki's "spirited away." i heard some good reviews about that japanese cartoon flick. then we decided to go visit the UST museum of arts and sciences first, since they haven't seen it yet. i get to go in for free because i'm a student while they have to pay a P20 entrance ticket. we even brought a couple of cameras for some picture-taking at the benavides statue and the front of the main building. her boyfriend was quite hesitant about posing for pictures in those places. hehe.

we had lunch at the SR thai cuisine, one of my favorite restaurants near school. we ate at the p. noval branch. we tried this bihon with chicken strips and "gravy"...but by the time we were halfway through our plates, we were too full to finish the bihon so we had it wrapped to go. my sister commented that they served a lot of rice. she had beef oyster sauce just like me while her bf had pork fried rice.

afterwards we took an fx to the manila central post office and even posed at the big fountain in front of it. then we took a divisoria jeep and got off binondo church, where we walked towards eng bee tin for hopia and crab fingers, among others. we passed by some chinese stores selling chinese movie vcds/dvds and i tried to ask if they had any korean vcds, as requested by reeze. i knew they were having a hard time trying to converse with me in tagalog, because they spoke some chinese words and i only understood "mahaba". so i gather they prolly have them korean vcds, but they were dramas so they were long. i think reeze should go there with boslao for a more accurate shopping experience.

i found out that walking all the way towards the end of ongpin st. would lead you to sta. cruz, and to the left would be rizal avenue, and crossing to the other side would be ronquillo st. which would lead you back to quiapo. and so binondo was really just a walking distance from quiapo. but it's quite some distance for one's feet too.

we were so tired and sleepy when we got home, but we were thankful we got back home early. her boyfriend is sleeping over at our place tonight.

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