my sister leaves for NJ tomorrow.

this morning she made spaghetti for breakfast. we also watched my "spirited away" vcd, but i only got to watch the latter portion, and arrgh! the ending wasn't there! ah, the price one pays for buying pirated movies....

i got this call from destiny cable telling me that our father won a travel kit from that discovery channel promo. i'm really lucky at raffles! i joined the raffle using my father's name, since our cable is still billed in his name. the first prize would have been a trip to a destination of your choice, and i wrote hawaii. oh well, better luck next time.

then my sister, her bf and i watched "ghost ship". gory massacre scene on board the ship. she wanted to see "santa clause 2" but both malls here didn't have it yet. before that, we rode the mini roller coaster at sm fairview (i'm starting to be a regular there) and then took a spin at the carousel. got dizzy after that. then we had to go to my aunt's place at marikina to get the specially-made laing from pandacan. she's all packed up and ready for tomorrow.

it's going to be lonely now that i'm left behind.


this stranger called my celfone and claimed to be someone i know but just don't remember. i demanded that he tell me what my name is, but he never did. he said he'll do that some other time. obviously bluffing. i hope he just leaves me alone.

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