well, turned out we still don't have classes until either thursday or friday. why don't they start classes on monday instead? hehe.

bought me a copy of pol medina jr.'s ink and politics 2, a compilation of his editorial cartoons in the phil. daily inquirer. he draws funny and effective editorial cartoons.


just got back from a night of bowling and pizza-eating and neoprint-taking and mini-rollercoaster-riding at sm fairview with my friends, as an advanced celebration of anie's birthday. yup, we pushed through despite the rain this afternoon. reeze had her hair cut and relaxed, which looks good on her. ton was wearing a sleek new silver studded watch, which she flashed about a couple of times in our neoprint session. we posed for neoprints twice, the second time was with czar since he came late.

bowling is really not my forte. i got a lousy score of 43. hehe. czar scored highest among us, and he acted as "coach" for anie, ton and reeze who were first-timers in playing bowling. czar and i had to buy socks because we were wearing sandals. anie wasn't bad for a first-timer, she was second highest with a score of 72.

we actually rode the mini roller coaster on the 4th floor of the mall, and ton and reeze went for a second ride. it was cold up there, mainly because the airconditioning panels were right up the ceilings near the coaster's trail.

there was this boutique that sold pretty blouses. ton picked a dark orange one for me and insisted that i try it on. i was sure that it won't fit me. and i was right. haha. it's sad how most boutiques here have L-sized clothes which are actually still small.


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