our last class for tonight ended at 7pm, and just after the class adjourned, the lights in the campus went out! and so we had to rely on our celfones' 5-second glare for temporary lumination in the classroom. however, when we went to the lobby, the computerized ID-swishing monitor was functioning. so it served as a make-shift lamp for the students so they can find their way out the building safely. i was wondering why the generator didn't automatically light up the entire building. usually the lights go back on in about 10 seconds.

as we made our way out the building through the front entrance, we noticed that there was some sort of dinner party being held there...and the guests were left in the dark on their dinner tables. poor folk. i was already hungry then. i bet those people were already hungry too.

i hitched a ride with ling who always drops me off at the QCHall.


my sister, parents and grandparents are going to atlantic city today (saturday morning, EST). it's going to be my sister's first time to go to AC. i bet it's going to be really chilly in the boardwalk today.

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