i waited all day for the courier to give me my packet today which i was supposed to have yesterday, if only he came way earlier. i waited for him yesterday till about 230pm, and my cousin said he came at around 6pm and left a notice. so i called to have it delivered again today and i was expecting he'd come early, but noooo, he had to come at 7pm. hence, i sacrificed 2 subjects tonight--was absent for two hours each.


this name analyzer is so accurate:

Your name of Conell gives you a very idealistic but passive outlook on life. You desire culture and all the refinements of life but you are inclined to live in your dreams. Although you would like to do many things, procrastination undermines your accomplishment and success in life. You do not like to create issues and will do anything to avoid a conflict. Making decisions is difficult for you without the support and approval of others. This name gives you a very sensitive nature, making you feel much that you do not understand. Your feelings are easily hurt, at which times you are inclined to withdraw and become uncommunicative. Although you desire the friendship and association of others, you find it difficult to express your thoughts through the spoken word, and others find you hard to get to know. It is much more natural for you to express your deeper thoughts in writing. Inner tension can deplete your physical vitality. You are inclined to indulge in rich foods that lack proper nourishment. The physical weaknesses due to this name centre in the heart and respiratory organs, and in the fluid functions.

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