and so it goes that there still are abusive taxi drivers around.

my aunt and i hailed a taxi in marikina, but not too long after we were seated, we noticed that he didn't turn his meter on. then he started to pronounce the fare to our destination, which was very high compared to a normal, meter-based rate. we insisted that he use his meter, but he continued to bargain with us, lowering the fare by a hundred pesos. we decided to step out of the car. took us a while before we got into another cab, and just when we thought we hailed a law-abiding taxi driver, we noticed that his meter had an obvious discrepancy. instead of it reading "25.00", the decimal point was positioned a notch to the left so that it looked like "250.0". we got suspicious and it seemed he was talking bullsh*t to us when we tried to reason with him regarding his meter, so we decided to get off at alimall. my aunt took another cab from there, while i went to rex bookstore to buy my books for school.


bought a new rice cooker for home. it's a cheap brand. and now my sister is berating me for not buying a more reliable brand, like 3-d or standard. she bets it won't last beyond a year. ah well. there were lots of people in sm fairview tonight that i couldn't buy grocery. perhaps tomorrow. bought some discounted korean christmas cards at the department store, and also, a gift for boslao whose birthday will be on the 19th. i hope she likes it.

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