i bumped into my natural science professor back in college on my way to the library this afternoon. whenever we pass each other by, his face lights up and he keeps saying i got a grade of 1 in his subject, hence he's somewhat proud of me. this time, he ventured into asking my name, since he apparently forgot.

him: evelyn?
me: sir, no! hindi ako yon. ibang tao yata yung binigyan nio ng una noon eh.
him: sandali, ahhh....eva!
me: sir no! (at this point, i was starting to get embarrassed for him and i was really in a hurry to get inside the library)
him: wait, anong surname mo? "(utters a surname that wasn't mine)" diba?
me: sir, no....it's besana.
(then he still tries to guess my first name, then i decided to end his predicament and blurt out my name.)
him: ahhh...wait, you have a second name right?
me: (for once, he got something right, but not my name exactly) yes sir, it's hope.
him: see, i was right!

hehe. gee, after all this time he thought i was someone named EVA. i looked at my transcript just now and saw that i didn't get a flat one in his subject, just a 1.75. maybe he did mistake me for some girl named eva. hehehe.

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