just got back from reeze's place because they had a little family occasion of sorts...but we were their only visitors. actually, it was czar who invited us to their place, and so i was coaxed to miss another class. the food was great and very filling. it was my first time to eat adobo with chicken balls. ton followed suit by taking a taxi. some noticeable changes at their house were that they now have a sari-sari store and a veranda upstairs.

we left their place at about 10pm...had to take the bus along edsa and get off by the foot of the flyover near quezon avenue and walk all the way to the intersection. if only they built an MRT from novaliches all the way to quiapo. they should really consider that idea.

my sister rearranged our living room today. i gave her some tips on fengshui. she thinks i'm getting too obssessed with chinese/new age stuff.

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