finally claimed my LOTR vcd prize at the wave 89.1 station at stratta 2000 in ortigas. we were made to wait in this small room which looked like a lounge room with this girl who was in this desk. turned out she was a dj...heheh. twas almost noon when we got there and the peeps in charge of the prizes were having lunch so we had to wait. at first, this lady couldn't find my name on the list. then i told her this guy named "habs" called me up, and then her face lit up. i thought i was getting the vcd, poster and buttons; but when she came back it was only the vcd. oh well.

on our way to megamall, my sister accidentally sideswiped this huge ford expedition's sidemirror with ours, because she wasn't looking at her right. when our vehicles got close, the driver angrily pointed out that his car was too big to not be seen by my sister. all we could say was sorry. we wonder what it would have been like if she were a guy.

then we looked around the bookfair at the sm megatrade hall to see if there were any interesting books to buy. there were some cool books indeed, especially those imported from the UK, but they were just too expensive for my budget. :( i was curious about those neil gaiman novels though. and i also found this LOTR parody book by the harvard lampoon. for a thin book, it costed around P600! yeowch.

really weird weather. it hardly ever rains where we live, but it gets dark and rainy in all the other parts of manila, especially down south. it was very hot in ortigas this afternoon and when i got to cubao, it was cloudy and then it started to rain.

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