Osama Obliterated by Obama?

What a surreal piece of news to end last weekend. As I was driving through Monday morning traffic, this was the topic of an FM station talk show. They were trying to recall what they were doing the day that the 9/11 Tragedy occurred. One of them remembered exactly what song was playing on their station (it was a J. Lo song). Their location had a clear view of the Twin Towers on the Hudson River.

A caller had asked them if they can play the audio recording of that day when it happened. One of the DJs responded with a long, awkward silence. I thought I was losing the radio frequency. Then I heard a sniffing sound. More silence. Finally, the DJ choked back tears as he managed to say solemnly, "I can't....hear it....again. I'm sorry."

His companions in the station fell silent out of respect. It was usually a gabby radio show with topics that range from fat burners and whether Black Berry is cooler than iPhone.

After a few more sniffs, the DJ implored, "Can we give away money instead?"

I was late for work that Monday.

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plaridel said...

interesting that only one letter differentiates their names...

i had a former co-worker who died in 9/11. she was at the restaurant in one of the towers waiting for another co-worker. they were supposed to have breakfast there. unfortunately or fortunately, she didn't make it on time because of the traffic.

i'm glad that the seals finally got bin laden. thw world is a better place without him.

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